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Many think that rent-to-own property is leasing the property and eventually owning it. However, it does not work that way. This is a process by which a renter leases the property and is given the option to purchase it after a certain period. This is different from the regular rent because the rate you will be paying is higher. However, the portion of your monthly rent will go to your credit which will be used when you finally purchase the property. And, in order to enjoy such option, you will need to pay a fee called option consideration.

Allowing your home to be inaccessible will not help it sell. An inconvenient home will naturally discourage people from taking a closer look at your home and might even scare them away. It would be harder to sell still if you create a limited time for people to view and inspect your home.

On the positive side, you get to keep the commissions (usually 6%) you would ordinarily pay a Spring Hill Realtor for selling the house. If you sell houses with an average price of $80,000 each, and you sell 15 houses in one year, you will save $72,000 in realtor commissions.

If you are planning to sell your house to relocate for a new job that is far away, do not wait until the last minute to list your house. Unless you are financially able to pay for two properties at once, you shouldn’t put this off. Depending on the season, buyers may or may not be more inclined to buy a new home, especially families with children who are enrolled in classes already.

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So you found the home that meets all your needs, in the community that best fits your lifestyle, at a price you feel is negotiable. The next step is to negotiate a deal. Now, I am not going to get into negotiation, because the price paid for a house depends on many factors such as market value, appraisals, upgrades, local comparable properties, and personal assessment. However, your agent can help you determine an offer that will make both you and the seller happy. Always remember the offer is negotiable, so negotiate! You can always submit multiple offers until accepted.

By being aware of these selling mistakes, you should be more aware of how and when to properly market your home to give it a better chance of selling regardless of the market situation. The key is a good research, wise analysis and careful planning.

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