Senior Citizen Safety – Protect Yourself At Any Age

There are different types of travelers. The first is moving to a sales job. The second is that traveling to a vacation. Then another one is traveling or a couple of times a year, so called as an occasional traveler. People may have several reasons why they travel, but all they pray often for the same thing, a safe and quiet place to rest when the night comes, a nice cheap hotel. It is essential to choose the exact or you sleep like a dog on the street, drunken people hunts.

You can wear reflective clothing to make it easier for motorists to see you at night, but it’s still not safe to jog after the sun has gone down. At night, you’re more likely to become a victim of crime. And, you can’t see obstacles in your way. That means that something like a pothole can easily trip you up and cause injuries.

Imagine yourself lost in the woods and your cell phone is not getting a signal. Then you have to revert to yelling your head off for help. You’re in the forest, so how far do you think your voice travels? Not far!

Stun devices-usually we think of stun guns. Stun guns interrupt the neuro-muscular system for anywhere from 5 to 10 minutes. A 3 to 5 second application causes the body to over work very rapidly similar to running a marathon. It depletes the body of all blood sugars so there’s no energy left. Tasers work by shooting out two electrified barbs that when they hit the target overrides the central nervous system providing incredible take down power-greater than a 9 mm handgun. They have almost 100 percent stopping power.

Additionally, you have the added benefit of a pepper spray on this unit to scare off an assailant or to notify others at a distance that you are in danger.

When you’re out jogging, you should stay in areas of the neighborhood that you’re familiar with. Stay out of secluded areas, and get your exercise in places where you can be seen and heard instead.

12.) I know of more than one case where a young woman was able to discourage an attacker by using a red pepper spray. Do consider carrying a pepper spray in your pocket or purse. A few whiffs of spray can disable an assailant long enough for you to get away and call 911 for help.

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Senior Citizen Safety – Protect Yourself At Any Age

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