Planning For A Stag Party

Traditionally baby showers are hosted by a close friend or family member such as the mum-to-be’s own mother or mother-in-law. However, there is an increasing trend for the dad-to-be to take on the role as the host of the baby shower. So here are a few tips for any dad-to-be thinking about throwing a baby shower for his other half (OH) to help him with the organisation.

I am not completely opposed to prescription medications but in some cases prescriptions do more harm than good! Especially, when it comes to treating gout!

+ If you partake of the practice of eating with your hands, be sure to use your right hand for eating and passing food. If you are left-handed and find this practice difficult, keep your left hand on your lap as much as possible so you will not slip up.

A cruise is a very special sort of vacation, because you get to visit a number of locations and even a number of different countries during the length of your vacation.

You already know that drinking is not good for your health. Not only does it leave you feeling dehydrated and with a splitting headache the next day, drinking has been linked with cancer, liver disease and an increased risk of heart attacks and strokes. Even more, The best alcoholic drinks in Houston are very caloric and lower inhibitions so you’re more likely to eat fattening foods, which is sure to put in a kink in your weight loss goals. However, you don’t have to give up your summertime drinks all together.

Believe it or not, parties aren’t just about food and drink! They are about people…so make it a point to reach out and actually talk to people. By engaging in good conversation you will eat less…after all, you don’t want to be talking with your mouth full!

Make sure if you need to purchase baby shower decorations and tableware that you buy them in plenty of time. Don’t forget – you won’t often find baby shower specific party supplies on the UK high street currently so you’ll usually have to order from the internet. This means that you have to factor in enough time for your order to be processed and then delivered. Telling your OH about all the fab things you’d PLANNED to get but ran out of time to will not go down well!

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