Photographer/Director Kimberly Kane Combines Her Passion For Music And Film

First introduced in the early part of the 20th century, video and film formats have continuously changed to keep pace with today’s world. The transformation began with the 8mm and super8 films. It continued with the 16mm, 35mm and 70mm films. Then came along VHS/Beta tapes and, lastly, digital discs. Today, photography’s new buzzword is digital recording.

During the 1990s, films were transferred onto VHS tapes. Today thought, a film to digital transfer involves digital tape – instead of VHS and video tapes – it’s now miniDV tape. There are several film conversion methods available. Most professionals will convert film to digital and transfer 8mm Transfer 8mm Film to DVD Fort Lauderdale using the Elmo and Goko machine. But, the most popular and newer method is the work printer machine transfer with high-definition optics.

There are two factors currently raising the price of Super 8 cameras. The first one is obvious: Price-and-Demand. The most incredible and unexpected factor, however, is Hollywood’s renewed interest in this format. Big name producers, like Oliver Stone are using high-tech super 8mm cameras in full feature films. Music video producers have found a new artsy look and feel in this format as well.

Push the “take” button to stop rolling tape when you realize you are about to lose stability. You’d be surprised how many shots run until the cameraman bumps into something, loses concentration or literally falls off a step.

Our awareness is our most important possession. If we lose it we lose everything. The quality of our reflected awareness determines the quality of our lives. Poor quality awareness is like a movie projector with a dim bulb. Dim awareness illumines a tedious world filled with constant struggle.

Next click on “Start” to get started converting movie to DVD. After the conversion process, you are able to take pleasure in movies with your DVD player.

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Photographer/Director Kimberly Kane Combines Her Passion For Music And Film

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