New Years Weight Loss

One of the top New Year’s Resolutions is to quit smoking. It’s been this way for years and will probably be this way for years to come. Why? Because smoking is terrible and quitting smoking is one of the hardest things to do. As the New Year represents new opportunities and a fresh start, it is automatically something that so many people want to quit doing.

Ashley and JP talked to Us magazine Sunday night while attending a charity event for the ASPCA with their Yorkie, Boo. Hebert told the mag that she’s excited to be finished with her program so she can turn her “attention elsewhere”!

If you’re looking for low-key and inexpensive, Pourtal Wine Bar in Santa Monica is hosting a bottomless champagne new year ‘s Eve, for the grand price of $20.11 in honor of the Bottomless bubbly is from 9pm-12am and no reservations are needed.

Downtown L.A.’s swanky venue The Edison is hosting a cabaret New Year’s Eve with Yard Dog’s Road Show, featuring vaudeville, burlesque, and stage magic. The $75 price tag includes desserts and champagne toast.

As with today’s computer-tech websites, most content about technology products and services (e.g. solar panels) will be funded by investors and companies with a direct stake in their success.

Goal setting has a very important component that is missed by many. And it is very simple. That component is to write the goals down. And secondary to that it is to have them at your finger tips, not in a drawer somewhere. Just like budgets don’t work unless they are reviewed and monitored, goals need to be a working instrument. You need to review them, adjust them, and work them into your monthly, weekly and daily task lists.

The legend of Babouschka has returned to Russia. Babouschka is said to be a woman who helped to direct the Three Kings to Bethlehem to visit the Baby Jesus. She was invited to join thte Wise Men, but declined because of the cold. She changed her mind, but by that time the Wise Men were gone. Babouschka continues to spend Three Kings Day delivering presents and she seaches for Jesus’ crib.

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