Identity Theft Faqs Answered

“What is in a name?” Shakespeare’s Juliet asked that question and decided that a name was unimportant. “A rose by any other name would smell as sweet” she pontificated. But, a great many people would disagree. A name is a first introduction, a means by which people remember you. It makes the first impression and it lingers well after you are gone. So, when you are getting married, in addition to deciding what cake to serve and what flowers to carry, you also have to make some weightier and, arguably, more important decision.

When you go to your WIC appointment, you will be required to have certain items with you. If you do not have these items, it will be a wasted trip. You must have proof of address, proof of income, shot records for your children, social security card s for each participant, and a driver’s license or state issued ID. Your proof of address can be your deed to your home, rental agreement, or a utility bill. Be sure that you have complete shot records for each child that you will be getting WIC for. Make sure that you not only have your social security card replacement, but also each child’s social security card. Finally, make sure you have your current driver’s license or state issued ID.

Don’t give personal information out to callers. Even if a call from your bank of financial institution seems legitimate, don’t give them information. Find out the reason for the call and what company they represent and then call them back on a number you know is legitimate to give them information.

If you will be needing a new driver’s license then you social security card replacement need to call the department of motor vehicles ahead of time to find out what documents you will be requiring to certify the validity of your new name.

How blind is America? For years we have been programmed to ‘trust’ in ‘Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness’. People of America, I tell you today that our government is not the one to rely on, to say the least. Remember where our foundations and standards were built upon. Then think about ‘WHO’ we are slowly removing from this country. Okay, you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to read between the lines here. Think about it! Where is America headed? Eventually, we will be walking around like a bunch of robots.

Keep credit cards that you don’t use often at home. Unless you are headed out to make a purchase with that emergency credit card, there’s no need to take it with you. Instead, leave it behind in a safe place. That way it will still be available in case of the emergency of you having your wallet lost or stolen.

When did they get the account? Well they got the account in June of 2006. So, they report to the credit bureau that this account was OPENED with them in June of 2006. My new friend/s GUESS WHAT has just happened? Happy Landings Collection Agency has just added (3) years to your credit prison sentence and this derogatory item is now on your credit report for (10) years. Fair? NOT AT ALL. What can be done? Without any knowledge or what to do about it, or how to find it, NOTHING. BUT, if you understand everything that you have read so far, you can notify the credit bureaus and the furnisher of information that the account is AGED and Federal Law prohibits that.

If you answered B to any of the questions above, you have some more soul searching to do. Take your time and don’t rush into anything. You do not necessarily have to change your name the minute after you are married – you can do it later. You want to be happy with your name. It is a part of you and you want to say it with joy and not cringe when you hear someone call you. If you change your name when you don’t really want to, it will be a daily source of frustration that could lead to more problems over time.

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