Five Cool Uses For Your Loft Conversion

Families often face with increasing needs of more space. In that case, they have only two options, either to move to a bigger house or to extend the liveable space in the present house. Moving to a bigger house means, disturbing your family and spending a big amount to buy larger property. You and your family may not want to leave that place as you feel comfortable there. Loft conversion is such a good idea, to have that extended space right within your present house. With loft conversion, value of your house will definitely get increased. When you intend to sell it, you will get better response from the potential customers. But you have to take certain decisions and follow some tips.

As any knowledgeable contractor will tell you, it can prove to be very hard to convert a small space into a living area. A lot of decorators with specific experience will tell you to decide on light colors. This is really true if you’ll be using the office mainly during the day. Establishing a lighter room or space will be useful in order so you can get an office which provides the visibility which you will want.

There should be sufficient headroom in the Loft area. This must be measured from the top of the floor joists to the bottom of the Spine Beam of the roof. The height should ideally be 2.2 metres. Lofts can still be converted if the height is slightly lower. If however the roof height is well below 2.2 metres then some additional work may need to be carried out. The ceiling height below the proposed loft conversion Harlow will need to be lowered or the Rigid Steel Beams (RSJ’s) will have to be placed a little lower down to achieve the ideal headroom. The head room is important because of the staircase and also the new floor joists are bigger. There is also an RSJ that is fitted to support the dormer roof weight which runs across the top of the conversion.

Increasingly popular are basement conversions. This must be well ventilated and waterproof. There are also strict building regulations so check with your local planning authority before you start.

As you know, converting the common loft calls for quite a few additions. For example, several unconverted lofts haven’t any source of electricity. Even in cases when there is, the actual electric power supply outlets may perhaps be old, or perhaps in a state of neglect. The truth is, among the first steps would be to guarantee your loft has a efficient power supply, and that outlets are in decent condition.

Getting an home improvement loan depends on the type of modification or renovation you are planning. If, for example your home is an old building it may be eligible for a restoration grant. The same might apply in certain parts of the country where you plan to install solar powered energy panels. Check this out at your local town planning offices first, it could save you money on any other loans you take out.

Try to buy the very best windows you can afford. Velux-type windows with a minimum of double glazing generally work very well. They need to have a tight seal and to be very carefully fitted. If you are having a high number of windows, the room will be colder, so triple glazing may be a good idea. Also bear in mind that you may only have blinds on these types of window and this offers very little additional cold protection unlike drapes or heavy curtains.

You should discuss with your architect about your expectations from the loft conversion. You need to tell him about requirements, function of the extended space, number of rooms and other things. Be flexible with your requirements and expectations.

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