Enjoy Tasty Delights With A Turkey Roaster Oven

I purchased my Rival 17 quart roaster oven at Wal-Mart over the weekend for the uncommonly low price of just $22.00! I got my chance to try it out yesterday on a fresh ham that a friend of ours had given us. I was so impressed with the performance of my new Rival 17 Quart roaster oven, that it prompted me to write this article to encourage others to purchase this great inexpensive kitchen appliance! You will not be disappointed. The Rival 17 quart roaster oven is well worth every penny that you pay for it. Especially since the pennies are so few.

Even faucet and sink might cost you a bit, remember that those items you use and touch everyday, therefore; you need something that is durable. Don’t be afraid to spend big dollars on a quality faucet. It will pay off.

The unit can be used for other things as well. Place some tin foil over the meat rack and you can bake small items like refrigerated biscuits or rolls. The tin foil is simply to prevent the baked item from expanding into the meat rack’s ribs. Similarly one can also cook various other types of meats like hamburgers or kielbasa. Add water to the cooking well and place your vegetables on, say , a pie tin from a store bought pie and it makes a useful steamer. You can remove the meat rack and use the interior to make soups, stews and chilies. It has a variable temperature control so it can be used as a slow cooker as well. There is no timer and you have to be available to manually shut off the device. Don’t hesitate to experiment with new uses. I regularly use it to cook frozen French fries, for example.

Even before you place the food inside the oven, it is important for you to preheat it for sometime so that the heat can thoroughly spread inside the oven. If you are using the oven for the first time, then the fumes will come out of the equipment. Make sure that you have set the temperature with the help of the temperature button. You will be provided a temperature range in this oven which you can set at low, medium or high.

I make Hot German Potato Salad in it. For ourselves and company, or for graduation parties, also for Christmas when all the guests come over. I also have made my mother’s Hot Beef Roast for Sandwiches. It works wonderful for this. You can make things up the day before, and just take out the liner with the cover and put in the refrigerator, and take out the next day to heat.

When you first remove it from the box, the instructions tell you to wash the roasting pan and the roasting rack to remove any residue from the shipping process. You must also wipe clean the Rival 17 quart best roaster oven as well. The instructions also mention that the first time the appliance is plugged in and heated that there will be some smoking, with an unpleasant odor, but this is normal. There was definitely smoking and an odor, which lasted for about 20 minutes. Once it stopped, there was no repeat of this event.

That’s how I found out about the Cash for Clunkers program where you can trade your gas guzzling automobile in to use as a down payment on a new car. So that means if I were still driving that 1974 Pontiac Le Mans Sport that got 14 miles to the gallon, I could get a sweet deal at a car lot.

A time setting button is also provided with the help of which you can set the time. Make sure that you are using the right utensils for every different meal. For roasting you must use a roasting rack and for baking you just place the batter in the pan.

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