Carpet Cleaning: Tips To Help Keep Your Carpet Clean

Believe it or not Scotchgard (Tephlon, Maxim, or whatever brand you prefer) is not just some stuff that your carpet cleaning company’s technician spays on your carpet just to make more money off of you. Read on to learn the benefits of Scotchgard along with an easy way to make sure you are getting what you are paying for.

Start cleaning from the surface farthest from the door. If you are using liquid in and out cleaning services shampoo, prepare the vacuum as soon as you finish a portion of the room. Vacuum at once and then dry well.

Trustworthiness is an important quality of the company you choose. Of course, you should feel at ease with the cleaning personnel that will be in your workplace even when it’s closed. Check for Better Business Bureau membership and a clean record in terms of complaints when seeking a business.

After removing the stain, moisten another piece of clean cloth with some water. Then, use the damp cloth to blot the area that you just cleaned. This is in order to rinse the carpet of any cleaning solution residue that may be left behind. After you do this, use a clean rag to dry the area completely before using it once more.

The most glaring evidence of merrymaking is going to be stains and spills on your carpet. Your strategy? No procrastination. Once you notice any wet spots clean them up immediately, before they can do any more damage or the stain deepens. Dry them up by blotting with an absorbent cloth or sponge. A homemade formula for alcohol, caffeine or tannin (from tea) stains is a mixture of water, white vinegar and mild dish detergent. Others find that adding ammonia to this mix works with darker stains, such as soft drink spills. Just remember, before applying any formula to your carpet, test it out first in a small, unseen or hard-to-see area before finally using it. Also, don’t make the mistake of using bleach. This can damage the carpet or leave white stains, which most likely will be beyond repair.

When searching for a carpet cleaner it is wise to not choose the cleaner based on price. One of the safest methods of choosing a carpet cleaner would involve getting referrals from friends and neighbors. Anyone who has had a good experience with a carpet cleaner will be more than happy to pass their name along.

Keep dirt out of the area – Experts are saying from a long time that if you place door mats then you can minimize the amount of dust and dirt on your carpet.

You can also chemically dissolve the cell walls of germs. This is done by disturbing the pH of the germ. This can be done with acid (in the form of vinegar) or with alkali (in the form of soap). Other substances also seem to break down bacteria by unravelling or dissolving their makeup, with alcohol being one (it’s a solvent) – vodka, whisky, rubbing alcohol or methylated spirits all do the job of killing germs around the home.

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Carpet Cleaning: Tips To Help Keep Your Carpet Clean

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